Common Questions

What would happen in our therapy session?
A typical therapy session in the beginning would involve you and I sitting together in a comfortable office setting for approximately 50 minutes while discussing your current situation, whatever that may be. Once I fully understand what your unique situation, you and I can discuss different ways of moving forward in a healthy direction.

I'm hurting now. Can you help me?
Yes, I can. Whatever painful situation you're facing now, I would love to sit and listen to you. I want to fully understand the pain you are in, and help you get to a better place.

Can you give me some wise advice?
Yes, however wisdom can come from many places. I can offer the wisdom I've gained through my years of education and experience as a therapist as well as my years of being a person in this world. You can also discover wisdom within yourself in therapy, and often times a spiritual wisdom may emerge too.

Doesn't it mean you're crazy if you go to a therapist?
No, it doesn't. Everyone experiences problems at some point in life, it's inevitable. You're not less of a person for getting help, you're wiser.

Is what we talk about in therapy just between us?
For the most part it is, however you can talk about anything that happens in therapy with anybody you want to. Feel free to contact me more specifics on this.

What's the next step?
For a free consultation call me at (714) 326-6578 or email me at
[email protected]

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